The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Learning Chapel

Here are various ways to learn about Chapel, depending on your style of learning:

"I like to read."
"I'd like to read something short that would give me a taste of Chapel's features."
See this series of annotated "Hello World" variants which introduce a few core Chapel features for task-parallelism, data-parallelism, and distributed computing.
"I'd like to read a more in-depth overview of Chapel's background, features, and plans."
Read the Chapel chapter from Programming Models for Parallel Computing from MIT Press.
"I'd like to read an example-oriented introduction to Chapel."
Try Chapel by Example: Image Processing by Greg Kreider (PMVS).
(Note: This code is currently out-of-date w.r.t. the current Chapel release, but the core concepts still apply).
"I'd like to read a more complete description of Chapel."
See the online documentation including the language specification.
"I like to watch talks or browse their slides."

"I like to read code."

"I like to learn by coding."