The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Learning Chapel

Here are various ways to learn about Chapel, depending on your style of learning:

"I like to read."
"I'd like to read a short characterization of Chapel for a reasonably general audience."
See the Cray blog article, Chapel: Productive Parallel Programming.

"I'd like to read something short that would give me a taste of Chapel's features."
See the Cray blog series, Six Ways to say "Hello" in Chapel (part 1, 2, 3).
"I'd like to read a more in-depth overview of Chapel's background, features, and plans."
Read the Chapel chapter from Programming Models for Parallel Computing from MIT Press.
"I'd like to read an example-oriented introduction to Chapel."
Try Chapel by Example: Image Processing by Greg Kreider (PMVS).
"I'd like to read a more complete description of Chapel."
See the online documentation.
"I like to watch talks or browse their slides."

"I like to read code."

"I like to learn by coding."