The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Chapel Lightning Talks, SC11 BoF, November 16, Seattle WA, 2011.

Chapel Overview
Brad Chamberlain, Cray Inc.
Quick I/O For Chapel
Michael Ferguson, Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences
Teaching with Chapel
Kyle Burke, Wittenberg University
Friar Tuck's Chapel: Qthreads and the Forest of Thieves
Kyle Wheeler and Dylan Stark, Sandia National Laboratories
MassiveThreads Tasking Layer
Jun Nakashima, Nan Dun, and Kenjiro Taura, The University of Tokyo
Targeting GPUs and Other Hierarchical Architectures in Chapel
Albert Sidelnik, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Interfacing Chapel with traditional HPC programming languages
Adrian Prantl, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory