The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Installing Chapel on Cray Systems

Installing Chapel on Cray® XC™, Cray® XE™, and Cray® XK™ systems

Users of Cray® XC™, Cray® XE™, and Cray® XK™ systems can use Chapel as follows:
  1. Load the Chapel module: module load chapel
  2. Read $CHPL_HOME/doc/rst/platforms/cray.rst for quick-start instructions and more detailed notes.

If these steps don't work, be sure that the latest version of Chapel (1.19.0) is installed on your system and ask your system administrator to install it if not. If the latest version doesn't work for you, send us a bug report.

Installing Chapel on Cray® CS™ systems

Users of Cray® CS™ systems should download Chapel and build from source, referring to $CHPL_HOME/doc/rst/platforms/cray.rst for further details.