The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Chapel User Resources

Online Documentation
Most Chapel documentation is online. See also: How Can I Learn Chapel?
Chapel on Stack Overflow
An excellent place to ask "How do I do X?" and "Why did I get this error?" types of questions.
IRC: #chapel (
The #chapel channel is intended for user discussion and questions about Chapel. It is typically staffed by working members of the development team.
Bug / Issue Tracking
Bugs and issues may be submitted using GitHub Issues or email.
See Reporting Chapel Issues for details.
Mailing Lists
The following mailing lists may be of interest:

  • chapel-announce: receive ~12 Chapel announcements per year.
  • chapel-users: for user discussion and questions about Chapel.
Note that the chapel-users list requires a subscription in order to post.
Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop (CHIUW)
An annual workshop highlighting work being done with Chapel in the community and at Cray Inc.
Chapel User's Group (CHUG) Happy Hour
Since 2010, we've met up for a happy hour at the SC Conference Series.