This guide on Mason Packages contains everything that you need to know to hit the ground developing in Chapel using mason, whether that be to create a library to contribute to the community, use an existing package, or just to help with the process of building your Chapel programs.


Pardon Our Dust

This mason guide is a work-in-progress as mason development itself is still a work-in-progress. If you’re not already using the main branch of the documentation (which tracks real-time GitHub development), you may find that it contains a more complete set of sections. We welcome feedback and requests on the guide as we go.

The Chapel Users Guide is divided into four main sections:

Getting Started with Mason

In this section, you will find information on installing mason and a basic HelloWorld example to get you started using mason packages in your own code.

Mason Guide

This section aims to explain why a user would want to use mason, point out what types of users would benefit from using mason, outline some typical use-cases of mason, and introduce some of the features that make using mason worthwhile.