Chapel Module Index

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AllLocalesBarriers Support for a scalable global barrier between all locales.
ArgumentParser A module to be used for defining and parsing command line arguments.
AtomicObjects Support for atomic operations on pointers to 'unmanaged' classes.
BigInteger Provides a 'bigint' type and supporting math operations.
BitOps Bitwise operations implemented using C intrinsics when possible.
BLAS Support for Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS) kernel routines.
BlockCycDist * Copyright 2020-2024 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
Buffers Support for buffers - regions of memory without a particular interpretation.
C_BLAS Support for low-level native C_BLAS bindings.
C_FFTW Exposes the FFTW C API for advanced users.
C_HDF5 Defines the C interface to the HDF5 library.
C_MPI Low level MPI bindings in Chapel.
C_NetCDF This module defines the C interface to the netCDF library.
C_OpenSSL Support for low-level native OpenSSL bindings in C.
Channel Support for channels that can transfer typed data between tasks.
ChplConfig Access to configuration information for the 'chpl' compiler.
ChplFormat The ChplFormat module provides a chplSerializer and chplDeserializer that
Collection Provides an abstract class representing a 'Collection' interface.
Collectives Support for barriers between tasks.
CommDiagnostics Supports counting and reporting network communication operations.
Communication This module provides low-level communication procedures.
ConcurrentMap This module provides a fast, scalable, fine-grained concurrent map.
CopyAggregation Provides support for aggregated copies/assignments for trivial types.
Crypto A cryptographic library based on 'OpenSSL'.
CTypes Defines C types and related routines to support interoperability.
Curl Low-level support for many network protocols with 'libcurl'.
Debugger The Debugger module provides a collection of useful debugging utilities
DistributedBag Implements a highly parallel segmented multi-pool specialized for depth-first
DistributedBagDeprecated Implements a highly parallel segmented multiset.
DistributedDeque Implements a parallel-safe scalable distributed deque.
DistributedIters Support for dynamic iterators distributed across multiple locales.
DynamicIters Support for dynamic distribution of a 'forall' loop's iterations.
EpochManager Support for Epoch-based Memory Reclamation.
Errors Support for error conditions and error-handling.
FFTW FFT computations via key routines from FFTW (version 3).
FileSystem A file utilities library.
FormattedIO Support for formatted input and output.
FunctionalOperations Support for acting on iterators in a functional style.
Futures Containers for accessing the results of asynchronous execution.
GMP Support for GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic.
GPU Supports utility functions for operating with GPUs.
GpuDiagnostics Supports counting and reporting GPU operations.
HashedDist * Copyright 2020-2024 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
HDF5 HDF5 bindings for Chapel.
HDFS Support for the Hadoop Distributed File System.
Heap This module contains the implementation of a 'heap' type.
Help Functions for producing program help and usage.
IO Support for a variety of kinds of input and output.
IOusingMPI HDF5 routines that rely on MPI.
JSON The Json module provides a ``jsonSerializer`` and ``jsonDeserializer`` that
LAPACK Chapel idiomatic wrappers for the LAPACK library.
LayoutCS * Copyright 2020-2024 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
LinearAlgebra A high-level interface to linear algebra operations and procedures.
LinkedLists This module provides a simple singly linked list.
List This module contains the implementation of Chapel's standard 'list' type.
LockFreeQueue A lock-free queue using the Michael and Scott algorithm.
LockFreeStack Support for a lock-free Treiber stack.
Map Provides Chapel's standard ``map`` type for key-value storage.
Math This module provides frequently used mathematical constants and functions.
MemDiagnostics Provides routines for reasoning about memory usage.
MemMove Support for move-initializing and deinitializing values.
MPI MPI Bindings for Chapel.
NetCDF NetCDF bindings for Chapel.
NPBRandom NAS Parallel Benchmark Random Number Generator.
ObjectSerialization The ObjectSerialization module provides an objectSerializer and
OS The ``OS`` module provides definitions matching operating system
ParallelIO Helper procedures for doing parallel I/O
Path A file utilities library focusing on path operations.
PCGRandom Permuted Linear Congruential Random Number Generator.
PCGRandomLib Low-level PCG RNG implementation.
PeekPoke Support for directly accessing an 'atomic' variable's value.
POSIX The ``OS.POSIX`` module provides definitions matching the POSIX
PrivateDist * Copyright 2020-2024 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
ProtobufProtocolSupport Support for protocol buffers binary wire format.
Random Support for pseudorandom number generation.
RandomSupport Seed generation for pseudorandom number generation.
RangeChunk Utility routines for splitting a range into multiple chunks.
RecordParser Support for reading records using regular expressions.
Reflection Support for reflecting about properties of a Chapel program's code.
Regex Regular expression support.
ReplicatedVar Support for user-level replicated variables.
Search Support for standard search routines on 1D arrays.
Set This module contains the implementation of Chapel's standard 'set' type.
Socket Supports inter-process communication through IP sockets.
Sort Supports standard algorithms for sorting data.
SortedMap Provides the 'sortedMap' type for storing sorted key-value associations.
SortedSet Provides the 'sortedSet' type for storing sorted unique elements.
Sparse Support for Linear Algebra routines involving sparse data.
Subprocess Support launching and interacting with other programs.
Time Support for routines related to measuring the passing of time.
TOML Support for parsing and writing TOML files.
TomlParser Parser module with the Toml class for the Chapel TOML library.
Types Functions related to predefined types.
UnitTest Support for automated testing in Chapel.
UnorderedAtomics Support for unordered non-fetching atomic operations.
UnorderedCopy Support for unordered copies/assignments for trivial types.
UnrolledLinkedList This module contains the implementation of the 'unrolledLinkedList' type.
URL Download data from a URL or upload data to a URL.
VectorizingIterator Iterators supporting vectorization without creating tasks.
Version Support for reasoning about version numbers.
VisualDebug Support for the 'chplvis' visualization tool.
WeakPointer This module contains the ``weak`` type, which is a smart pointer type designed
YAML Support for parsing and writing YAML files.
Zarr Support for distributed reading and writing of Zarr stores. Support is
ZMQ Lightweight messaging with ZeroMQ (or ØMQ).