The following people have been actively involved in the recent evolution of the Chapel language and its specification: Kyle Brady, Bradford Chamberlain, Sung-Eun Choi, Lydia Duncan, Michael Ferguson, Ben Harshbarger, Tom Hildebrandt, David Iten, Vassily Litvinov, Tom MacDonald, Michael Noakes, Elliot Ronaghan, Greg Titus, Thomas Van Doren, and Tim Zakian

The following people have contributed to previous versions of the language and its specification: Robert Bocchino, David Callahan, Steven Deitz, Roxana Diaconescu, James Dinan, Samuel Figueroa, Shannon Hoffswell, Mary Beth Hribar, Mark James, Mackale Joyner, Jacob Nelson, John Plevyak, Lee Prokowich, Albert Sidelnik, Andy Stone, Wayne Wong, and Hans Zima.

We are also grateful to our many enthusiastic and vocal users for helping us continually improve the quality of the Chapel language and compiler.

Chapel is a derivative of a number of parallel and distributed languages and takes ideas directly from them, especially the MTA extensions of C, HPF, and ZPL.

Chapel also takes many serial programming ideas from many other programming languages, especially C#, C++, Java, Fortran, and Ada.

The preparation of this specification was made easier and the final result greatly improved because of the good work that went in to the creation of other language standards and specifications, in particular the specifications of C# and C.