use BlockDim;


import BlockDim;
record BlockDim

This Block dimension specifier is for use with the DimensionalDist2D distribution.

It specifies the mapping of indices in its dimension that would be produced by a 1D Block distribution.

Initializer Arguments

The following BlockDim record initializers are available:

proc BlockDim.init(
  type idxType = boundingBoxLow.type)

proc BlockDim.init(
  numLocales: int,
  boundingBox: range(?),
  type idxType = boundingBox.idxType)

The numLocales argument specifies the number of locales that this dimension’s bounding box is to be distributed over.

The boundingBoxLow and boundingBoxHigh arguments are a convenient replacement for the boundingBox argument, which specifies the bounding box in this dimension.

The idxType, whether provided or inferred, must match the index type of the domains “dmapped” using the corresponding DimensionalDist2D distribution.