use PrivateDist;


import PrivateDist;
class Private

This Private distribution maps each index i between 0 and numLocales-1 to Locales[i].

The index set of a domain distributed over a Private distribution is always 0..numLocales-1, regardless of the domain’s rank, and cannot be changed.

The following domain is available as a convenience, so user programs do not need to declare their own:

const PrivateSpace: domain(1) dmapped Private();


The following code declares a Private-distributed array A. The forall loop visits each locale and sets the array element corresponding to that locale to that locale’s number of cores.

var A: [PrivateSpace] int;
forall a in A do
  a = here.numPUs();

Data-Parallel Iteration

A forall loop over a Private-distributed domain or array runs a single task on each locale. That task executes the loop’s iteration corresponding to that locale’s index in the Locales array.


Domains and arrays distributed over this distribution do not provide some standard domain/array functionality.

This distribution may perform unnecessary communication between locales.