The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Chapel Developer Resources

As an open-source project, Chapel welcomes contributions from the community
A public chat room for Chapel users and developers (also accessible via IRC)
GitHub Issues
Where we track public Chapel issues—see Reporting Chapel Issues for more information
Performance Tracking
Graphs showing performance changes in Chapel's nightly performance testing
Mailing Lists
We maintain the following mailing lists for developers:

  • chapel-announce: gets ~12 Chapel announcements per year
  • chapel-developers: for implementation-related discussions
  • chapel-commits: receives mail for each commit to master
  • chapel-test-results-regressions: notable testing result summaries
  • chapel-users: for user community discussions
(note that chapel-developers and chapel-users require subscriptions to post)
Best Practices
Other useful developer notes
Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop (CHIUW)
An annual workshop highlighting work being done with Chapel