The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Chapel Developer Resources

As an open-source project, Chapel welcomes contributions from the community. Contributors are asked to sign an Apache 2.0 CLA in order to help us maintain Chapel's license terms. Patches must be reviewed by a core team member and tested against Chapel's regression suite prior to being committed. For further information refer to in GitHub.
IRC: #chapel-developers (
This channel is intended for implementation-related discussion. It is typically staffed by members of the core development team during their workday.
Bug / Issue Tracking
Public Chapel issues are tracked using GitHub Issues. See Reporting Chapel Issues for further information on how issues are submitted.
Performance Tracking
Chapel's nightly performance testing generates a number of graphs which can be used to track performance changes.
Mailing Lists
The following mailing lists may be of interest:

  • chapel-announce: gets ~12 Chapel announcements per year.
  • chapel-developers: for implementation-related discussions.
  • chapel-commits: receives mail for each commit to master.
  • chapel-test-results-regressions: notable testing result summaries.
  • chapel-users: for user community discussions.
Note that chapel-developers and chapel-users require subscriptions to post.
Best Practices
Other useful developer notes can be found in the doc/rst/developer/bestPractices directory.
Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop (CHIUW)
An annual workshop highlighting work being done with Chapel in the community and at Cray Inc.