Installation Instructions

Building Mason

First, make sure your environment is correctly setup, as described in Setting up Your Environment for Chapel. In $CHPL_HOME run the following:

make mason

It builds the mason binary as $CHPL_HOME/bin/$CHPL_HOST_PLATFORM-$CHPL_HOST_ARCH/mason so that the command line interface can be used. If the binary is already in your path (see Using Chapel in a Different Shell / Terminal / Session), mason can be used anywhere in the user’s file system.

To remove mason, change directory to $CHPL_HOME/tools/mason and run:

make clean

Installing Mason

Similarly to chpl, mason can be built and installed into a specific directory (e.g /usr/local/bin) as follows

make mason
make install

The folder where the binary is installed can be configured with the --prefix or --chpl-home options, as described in Installing Chapel.