use VisualDebug;


import VisualDebug;

Support for the ‘chplvis’ visualization tool.

This module provides support for the execution visualization tool chplvis.

It provides access to and enables hooks to dump out task and communication information for post-run visualization of the tasks and communication.

config param DefaultVisualDebugOn = true

This is the default setting for VisualDebugOn. It defaults to true, but can be changed at compile time.

config const VisualDebugOn = DefaultVisualDebugOn

If this is true, data collection to support chplvis reporting is turned on. It defaults to the value of DefaultVisualDebugOn, but can be changed at execution time.

proc startVdebug(rootname: string)

Start logging events for VisualDebug. Open a new set of data files, one for each locale, for chplvis. This routine should be called only once for each program. It creates a directory with the rootname and creates the files in that directory. The files are named with the rootname and “-n” is added where n is the locale number.


rootname – Directory name and rootname for files.

proc tagVdebug(tagname: string)

Add a tag to the data for chplvis to allow “view points” in the data.


tagname – name of the tag

proc stopVdebug()

Stop collecting VisualDebug data and close the data files.

proc pauseVdebug()

Suspend collection of VisualDebug data. Use tagVdebug to resume.