use HDFS;

Support for Hadoop Distributed Filesystem


This module is currently not working. See #12627 to track progress.

This module implements support for the Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS).


See the Setting up HDFS documentation for details on setting up and enabling HDFS support in Chapel.

Using HDFS Support in Chapel

There are three ways provided to open HDFS files within Chapel.

Using an HDFS filesystem with open(url="hdfs://...")

// Open a file on HDFS connecting to the default HDFS instance
var f = open(mode=iomode.r, url="hdfs://host:port/path");

// Open up a reader and read from the file
var reader = f.reader();

// ...



Explicitly Using Replicated HDFS Connections and Files

use HDFS;

// Connect to HDFS via the default username (or whichever you want)
var hdfs = hdfsChapelConnect("default", 0);

// Create a file per locale
var gfl  = hdfs.hdfsOpen("/user/johnDoe/isThisAfile.txt", iomode.r);

// On any given locale, you can get the local file for the locale that
// the task is currently running on via:
var fl = gfl.getLocal();

// This file can be used as with a traditional file in Chapel, by
// creating reader channels on it.

// When you are done and want to close the files and disconnect from
// HDFS, use:


Explicitly Using Local HDFS Connections and Files

The HDFS module file also supports non-replicated values across locales. So if you only wanted to connect to HDFS and open a file on locale 1 you could do:

on Locales[1] {
  var hdfs = hdfs_chapel_connect("default", 0);
  var fl = hdfs.hdfs_chapel_open("/user/johnDoe/myFile.txt", iomode.cw);
  var read = fl.reader();

The only stipulations are that you cannot open a file in both read and write mode at the same time. (i.e iomode.r and iomode.cw are the only modes that are supported, due to HDFS limitations).

HDFS Support Types and Functions

record hdfsChapelFile

Holds a file per locale

record hdfsChapelFileSystem

Holds a connection to HDFS per locale

proc hdfsChapelConnect(path: c_string, port: int): c_void_ptr throws

Make a connection to HDFS for a single locale

proc hdfsChapelConnect(path: string, port: int): hdfsChapelFileSystem throws

Connect to HDFS and create a filesystem ptr per locale

proc hdfsChapelFileSystem.hdfsChapelDisconnect() throws

Disconnect from the configured HDFS filesystem on each locale

proc hdfsChapelFileSystem.hdfsOpen(path: string, mode: iomode, hints: iohints = IOHINT_NONE, style: iostyle = defaultIOStyle()): hdfsChapelFile throws

Open a file on each locale

proc hdfsChapelFile.hdfsClose() throws

Close a file opened with hdfsChapelFileSystem.hdfsOpen

proc open(path: string, mode: iomode, hints: iohints = IOHINT_NONE, style: iostyle = defaultIOStyle(), fs: c_void_ptr): file throws
proc hdfsChapelFileSystem_local.hdfs_chapel_open(path: string, mode: iomode, hints: iohints = IOHINT_NONE, style: iostyle = defaultIOStyle()): file throws

Open a file on an HDFS filesystem for a single locale

proc hdfs_chapel_connect(path: string, port: int): hdfsChapelFileSystem_local throws

Connect to an HDFS filesystem on a single locale