use BlockCycDim;


import BlockCycDim;


BlockCycDim is intended for use with DimensionalDist2D, which is unstable

record BlockCyclicDim

This Block-Cyclic dimension specifier is for use with the dimensionalDist2D distribution.

It specifies the mapping of indices in its dimension that would be produced by a 1D blockCycDist distribution.

Initializer Arguments

The BlockCyclicDim record initializer is defined as follows:

proc init(
  numLocales:   int,
  lowIdx:       int,
  blockSize:    int,
  cycleSizePos: int = // computed by the implementation )

The arguments are as follows:


the number of locales that this dimension’s indices are to be distributed over

lowIdx, blockSize

are the counterparts to startIdx and blocksize in the blockCycDist distribution


is used internally by the implementation and should not be specified by the user code