Miscellaneous Notes

README files

The repository has a collection of README files on various topics. The main file is $CHPL_HOME/README.rst. Each file points to other related READMEs so that any README can be reached from the main one by following such “links”.

Some directories also have README.devel, which contain additional information for Chapel developers. They are not (necessarily) referenced in the above collection.

The non-.devel READMEs are written so they are relevant to users of Chapel. Therefore they reflect the directory structure of Chapel’s public releases; see $CHPL_HOME/README.devel for details.

grep shortcuts

In $CHPL_HOME/util/devel/ - grep these files:

  • grepcomp - compiler sources

  • grepdocs - READMEs in $CHPL_HOME (except test/ and third-party/)

  • grepmake - Makefiles

  • grepmod - Chapel module sources

  • greprt - runtime library sources

  • grepchpl - all of the above

  • grepstdchdrs - grep C files to look for std C header #includes

  • greptests - grep files in the test subtree. Takes argument with -t to specify the file type to search through (e.g. -t tests to search .chpl files, -t outputs to search .good and .bad files, etc), defaulting to tests.