Using Chapel with OmniPath


PSM is not supported by the current GASNet release. If this is an important configuration for you, please contact the Chapel team.

This document describes how to run Chapel across multiple machines in an OmniPath cluster. The Multilocale Chapel Execution describes general information about running Chapel in a multilocale configuration. The OmniPath drivers come with Gasnet, which is what has been used to launch jobs. Tested using Slurm 16.05 and Gasnet supplied with OPA Basic 10.3.1.

Compiling Chapel

Used the following environment variables:

export CHPL_COMM='gasnet'
export CHPL_LAUNCHER='gasnetrun_psm'
export CHPL_GASNET_SEGMENT='everything'
export CHPL_TARGET_CPU='native'

Using Slurm for Job Launch

  1. Source the Chapel environment script
  2. Define the variables given in the above section
  3. Set HFI_NO_CPUAFFINITY=1 otherwise no parallelism on each locale will be used.