Reporting Chapel Bugs

If you encounter a bug, internal error, or unclear error message when using Chapel, please do not hesitate to send a bug report to the Chapel team. Do so by sending mail to one of the following mailing lists:

Please include the following information in your email:

  1. the version number of your Chapel compiler (chpl --version)
  2. the output of the $CHPL_HOME/util/printchplenv --anonymize script
  3. the back-end C compiler you are using and its version (e.g., gcc --version)
  4. the output of module list (if using a Cray system)
  5. one of the following:
    1. preferably, a reduced program demonstrating the issue
    2. alternatively, the original program demonstrating the issue
    3. as a last resort, a description of how to recreate the issue
  6. any helper modules or input files required to reproduce the issue
  7. a description of the behavior you are seeing

A list of known bugs and unimplemented features can be found in $CHPL_HOME/STATUS. Even if you run into a known issue, we encourage you to send us a bug report, particularly if it is impeding your progress. Depending on the issue, we may be able to suggest a workaround or to prioritize the development of a fix.

Filing Futures

If you are a Chapel contributor and familiar with the Chapel Testing System, you can file bugs by submitting Future tests.

JIRA Issues

The Chapel team is working to bring our JIRA issues site up to date. Bugs can be viewed without creating an account.